Originally from Germany, Urban Faerie has been residing in London, UK for many moons. Urban Faerie re-discovered her childhood love for arts & crafts through her long term partner and husband who is a well established artist in Camden Lock Market. In 2013 Urban Faerie joined forces with Killer Bunny to create various jewellery collections that appeal to the wondrous and unusual kind. The original jewellery designs were based on Steampunk, Curiosities and Horror and have been quite popular at Film and Comic Conventions across the UK. Urban Faerie has been keen to further develop her jewellery making skills and learn the true craftsmanship of jewellery making. Hence, she has been studying jewellery making part-time at college since 2015. She has also had the opportunity to work as an assistant for a busy contemporary jewellery studio in Hatton Garden for over one year. Entering into the world of jewellery making has been a wonderful experience for Urban Faerie. It has provided a healthy balance to her part-time role as a social worker in London. Nature, travelling, mindfulness/spirituality and the love for Jazz, an adopted lurcher cross from Battersea Cats & Dogs Home, are additional factors that bring joy and happiness to Urban Faerie's life.

Organics Jewellery
This is a new jewellery technique that Urban Faerie started exploring during Covid-19.
Electroforming involves several days of preparatory work, some chemistry, physics and a bit of magic to create the jewellery pieces. The organic pieces need to sit in a bath for about 24 hours before the magic happens and they are transformed and kept alive forever inside a strong copper layer. The popular Real Bee Infinity Jewellery Collection has been created this way, and each unique piece comes with a beautiful gold plated finish. 

Deluxe Jewellery
Each piece is lovingly handmade by Urban Faerie with the sterling silver being sourced from London's oldest diamond district in Hatton Garden. Urban Faerie attempts to only use recycled silver in her work. The Deluxe Jewellery range gains a great value as it supports the UK economy particularly small and local London businesses.

Sakura Jewellery
Urban Faerie drew inspiration from the beauty of Japanese art and culture before she designed the Sakura Jewellery range. What is your Japanese zodiac sign? - The Japanese zodiac sign collection refers to the Kanji of the Japanese astrological calendar Eto. There are twelve animal names. Have a closer look, and you can see a tiny sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) incorporated within each animal name. The Japaneses woodblock printing design collection consists of original images from the ukiyo-e and shin-hanga ('new print') movement. It incorporates work by the most famouse and influential Japanese print designer and painter Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) as well as by Utagawa Kunisada (1823-1880) and by Ohara Koson (1877-1945). Each image is completely sealed and protected in resin.

Steampunk, Curiosities, Horror Jewellery
Urban Faerie Oddities offers a variety of different and unique handmade jewellery with its designs based on Steampunk, Curiosities and Horror. Mixed media is used to create Urban Faerie Oddities jewellery which is predominantly antique bronze and silver coloured jewellery. The necklace and bracelet chains as well as the rings and ear wires are all nickel and lead free. Please note that the colour of the jewellery images on the website slightly differs from the original pieces.