Real English Rose Necklace

"How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened." - Poet Hafiz -

A real English Rose immortalised into a pendant! 

I discovered these beautiful roses during my London city walks and decided to transform them into jewellery. 

The rose remains hidden inside the pendant which makes it a very magical piece of jewellery.

The pendant comes on a sterling silver chain.

The piece comes beautifully packaged in a gift bag.

Dimensions: approx. 42 mm x 32 mm (Variation I), 43 mm x 35 mm (Variation II), 59 mm x 33 mm (Variation III)

Chain Length: approx. 60 cm

Please note that copper and sterling silver oxidises over time. This is a natural process. 

A jewellery polishing cloth used regularly will help shine up your piece again. 

Applying a thin coat of nail varnish onto the copper might prevent oxidation in difficult to reach areas.  

As with any other jewellery, it is recommended to not wear it while bathing/showering, sleeping and exercising.

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