SOLD - Real Golden Honey Bee Necklace

This magical golden bee pendant is a very special and unique piece of art!! It is 24k gold plated and has a beautiful 18k yellow gold colour.

After having received an amazing bee donation of naturally deceased English honey bees, I carefully prepared this little guy for the lengthy copper electroforming process. 

The honey bee remains hidden inside the pendant which makes it a very magical piece of jewellery.

This one of a kind pendant comes on a sterling silver chain.

Dimensions: approx. 13 mm x 16 mm 

Chain Length: approx. 45 cm

Please note that due to its organic nature, the pendant is delicate and needs to be handled with care.

The piece comes beautifully packaged in a gift box.

To protect your gold plated jewellery piece from tarnishing, avoid contact with water, cremes, gels, make-up and perfumes.

To remove any tarnish from your gold plated and silver jewellery, simply dip the piece into a specialist liquid cleaner for silver jewellery.

Although the piece comes with a thick golden layer, the plating will wear off over time. I am happy to repolish and replate your jewellery at a small charge.

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  • £85.00